2016 Bodybuilders vs. Football Players Challenge Trailers Released!

KB Multimedia filmed and edited the highly anticipated 2016 Bodybuilders vs. Football Players challenge presented by Inner Armour Sports Nutrition and TEST Football Academy. The event features high profile athletes and bodybuilders from Terron Beckham, Joel Thomas (IFBB Pro), David Paterick (IFBB Pro), Bart Scott (Former NFL NY Jets Veteran and current CBS NFL Analyst) and Ato Boldon (4X Olympic Sprint Medalist and NBC Track & Field Analyst). Here are the three different length trailers produced in hype for the release of 9 full length releases ranging from the bench press, 10 yd dash, tug of wire, truck pull and more!

Full Trailer:

Short Hype Trailer (intended for Instagram):

Logo Hype Teaser:


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